Store it Right.

Tips for Moving Furniture.

Moving furniture around the house or to your storage unit can be a chore. Here are a few basics that can help make the process safe for you and minimize damage to your things.

1 Make the item as light as possible.
If it’s a dresser, remove the contents and the drawers. This will substantially reduce the weight of the item you are moving to storage or to a different location in your home.  Whatever it is, make it as light as possible.

2. Slide it if you can
It’s much easier and safer to slide an item from room to room. Just make sure to protect your floors by putting something like a carpet or cardboard underneath. If you do use cardboard as a slide, make sure to tape it do the legs so it does not come out half way to the new location and scratch your floors. A moving blankets is also a great way to slide items around.

Rent a dolly or hand truck
If you are moving something large like a refrigerator to a new home or your storage unit. The only safe way is with an appliance dolly or hand truck. These special hand trucks come with a strap to make sure the appliance stays firmly in place while you move it around.

We found that we think you will find helpful whether you are moving across town or storing your things.