A Little Help from Your Friends

Storage Tips

Lets face it, most people don’t enjoy packing and moving boxes.  Here are a few hints and tips that will help you have a trouble-free self storage experience.

  • Choose a storage unit that easily holds all the items you want to store.  It’s no fun if you have to squeeze every last inch out of your storage unit.  It makes it hard to access your things later and increases the chance of damage to your belongings.
  • Choose the right container for the item.  Boxes are great for some items like dishwater etc., and plastic bins with lids are a good choice for items you want a bit more protection during storage or to access frequently.
  • Don’t stack heavy items on top of lighter ones.  It seems obvious and it never ends well.
  • Label everything clearly.  It’s a good idea to use a category title such as Kitchen / Bedroom, etc. when packing your items and then a list of the main items in the box so it’s easy to find things at a later date.
  • Clean your belongings before you store them.  If you store things like dirty garden tools, the dirt inevitably finds it’s way to your photos and bedding.
  • If you are storing a freezer or refrigerator, make sure to clean and disinfect them prior to storage and keep the door slightly open by taping a small piece of cardboard in the door to protect your freezer from molding.
  • Newspaper makes a great packing material for your fragile items.
  • Wiping a thin coat of WD40 on metal tools helps prevent rust during long term storage.
  • Break down furniture when possible.  For instance you can remove the legs of most dining room tables.  This saves you space.
  • Make an aisle between your stacked boxes so it’s easy to access them later.
  • Its a good idea to drain all your gas powered tools prior to storing.  Gas additives like “Sta-bil” are also a good idea for storage.
  • Having uniform sized boxes helps when it comes time for stacking.  You can stack similar size boxes more easily than trying to work out a multi box puzzle.
  • Use mattress coves to keep your mattress and box springs clean.
  • When loading your truck, remember that the first things in, will be the last things off.  It always helps to plan a little to save a lot when you get to the storage unit.