Store it Right

Tips For Organizing Your Storage Unit

Organizing a storage unit can seem like an intimidating task. The trick to a well organized, efficient storage unit is to plan ahead! Here are a few tips and tricks to help you stay organized.

Create a layout
While you are thinking about how to best organize your storage unit, think about creating a layout. This will help you decide where all of your items will be stored, and will help you down the line when you are looking for a specific item. Just take a look at your layout and you’ll know exactly where to look!

How much space do you need?
After deciding on the best way to layout your items in your storage unit, take a minute to think about the size of your storage unit. You don’t want all of your things to be too jam packed inside that you can’t reach them! Having a little bit more space can make all of the difference for an organized storage unit.

Make the most of your space
Using shelving can be a great way to maximize your space. You may also want to consider taking apart your larger furniture for easier storage and more room for your other belongings.

Box sizes
Using similar sized boxes to pack your things makes it easier to stack, organize and manage your belongings, as well as keeping an organized storage unit.

Label everything
It is important to label all of your boxes that are in your unit. This will save you the hassle of rummaging through everything when you are just looking for one specific item. Know the contents of each box before you begin looking!

Keep your important items in the front
While your personal belongings are in storage, you may need to come and go to get a couple things while they are being stored. Be sure to keep the items you think you’re most likely to use in the front for easy access!